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Entire Dr Pickup Show videos on Youtube from the Soubock July concert

August 27, 2007

Have added all the videos for the ENTIRE show of Dr Pickup at the Soubock 20 July 2007 Concert to

Another link for these videos are at

Some of the original compositions will be on our latest CD Cruising on the Border & Live at the Soubock.
Guitar used PRS Hollow Body and Koch Studiotone for complete concert.

Finally happy with my live guitar sound with these Koch Amplifiers.

I use the Koch Studiotone for small concerts and theatres where they can mike up the amp and the Koch Twintone for large clubs and where I need to cut through with Clean sounds.


Sound tracks added to my space

May 9, 2006

Have added our four latest recordings to  as  some folks had told me the links at did not work.

Gas – Guitar Aquisition Syndrome relapse – PRS SE Singlecut

May 9, 2006


Have a bad dose of gas.

Just seen that Paul Reed Smith has launched the sale of the the Singlecut model in the SE version – student edition ? made in Korea. At a quarter of the price of the Us version AND with a different control configuration. The French price is actually lower than the UK price but still higher than the US which is normal with 19.6% purchase tax.

The US Singlecut comes in two models – Hardtail with 2 volume and 2 tone knobs which are apparantly not wired like the similar Gibson 4 knob configuration. The Tremolo model comes with just one volume and one tone and this is the one I have been thinking about but now the Korean has come out hardtail with the two controls.

Have to check this out. I really enjoy my PRS SE Soapbar Single cut with the P90s.

More info on this at also read the Harmony Central user feedback.

Friday Night – Dr Pickup Gig at the Pibale

April 30, 2006

Sunday afternoon,

Second listening of the Dr Pickup gig at the Pibale restaurant Friday night.

First impressions:

Lots of reverb on the guitar – normal as this is one of the few venues where we play where there are two decent guitar amps on the spot. A Fender Blackface Deluxe Reissue(which I used ) and a Fender silver face Twin with the master volume. Had planned on a vocal heavy mix with clean guitar behind. Good idea except on the third set where the general volume zoomed up and the vocals got a little lost in the mix. The instruments sound great.

The restaurateur, Jean Charles is a guitarist and had used the Twin last time and sounded OK. He had warned me he had been getting his chops up to date since the last concert. We actually did two Shadows numbers Apache and Guitar Boogie which sounded OK. Good thing Jack has been in a Shadows band as the drums were spot on all the way through. 

Had Mauro Serri, a well known French guitarist come up and play on the second and third sets.

Initial impressions – what a great player and what a gentleman Mauro is. Further impressions on hearing the K7 tapes of the concert, initial impressions confirmed and also the extreme good musician ship and feeling that the  Mauro bought to the band. Both Jack and David (drums and bass) played well and rose to the occasion. The band sounded really good.

We normally don't play through Fender amps but in preparing the concert I listened to the last time we played there which was on the house amplifier and figured

1. Don't take your own amp as it is great playing straight through these amps, just make sure you have your licks together.

 2. It'll make us work better at using dynamics which any blues band should be continually striving to develop.

3. Take the PRS Custom 24 as the PRS Hollow body had already sounded great through the Deluxe and The Fender Eric Clapton Strta as the backup guitar.

When we got to the club and found out there was a large number of reservations I started getting a tingle that this was going to be an outstanding gig which it turned out to be. The audience was great and over 80%of the restaurant stayed through the three sets, always a great sign.

I recorded the second and third sets and I guess the first set was lost due to thinking I had hit record and had not. Went through my cassettes two times and no trace of the first set where I would like to have heard our renderings of the set closer Six days on the road which has gotten better and sparser over the years.

Broke a string at the end of the Sweet Home Chigago/ Hideway sequence and went straight into Congo Square without the top E string. Sounded OK even though I could do my normal 'tweak' on Congo Square – it was the right decision as you want to keep the show moving once you got the intensity level up. Had Fred from El Loco come up while changing strings tho' choosing an eight bar blues (Worried Life blues) was not the best choice while changing strings. Had two pilgrims come up and play guitar and some other guy on the drums – they had a good time.

Really enjoyed Mauro's playing on every number especially on Stormy Monday, All your love, Hideaway, Congo Square and Just a little bit, liked the double guitar parts on Just a little bit and Honey Hush (approaching Blazing Telecaster territory);-) It was nice that the guitars were kept relatively clean and we weren't pushing them through the amps even tho' the level went up.

Mauro knew how to coax some great sounds out of my Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster – which has a plus 25db boost. Have made up two cds of sets 2 and 3 to send the band, Jean Charles and Mauro.

Also a lady I had 'met' through the Internet (La Chaine du blues) called Frederique came to the concert. She took some of the pictures with my camera and some great shots that she sent me today with her camera – this lady enjoyed the show and obviously this was not the first time she was taking shots of performing musicians. Jean Charles told me she was also a musician – have sent off an email to check this all out 😉

Why  didn't I play either the Texas Tbone Walk or The Judge with Mauro so that we would have been able to publish our own compositions direct on the net. Bear this in mind for the next time we have a 'star' play with us.

A satisfactory evening.