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Sound tracks added to my space

May 9, 2006

Have added our four latest recordings to  as  some folks had told me the links at did not work.


Gas – Guitar Aquisition Syndrome relapse – PRS SE Singlecut

May 9, 2006


Have a bad dose of gas.

Just seen that Paul Reed Smith has launched the sale of the the Singlecut model in the SE version – student edition ? made in Korea. At a quarter of the price of the Us version AND with a different control configuration. The French price is actually lower than the UK price but still higher than the US which is normal with 19.6% purchase tax.

The US Singlecut comes in two models – Hardtail with 2 volume and 2 tone knobs which are apparantly not wired like the similar Gibson 4 knob configuration. The Tremolo model comes with just one volume and one tone and this is the one I have been thinking about but now the Korean has come out hardtail with the two controls.

Have to check this out. I really enjoy my PRS SE Soapbar Single cut with the P90s.

More info on this at also read the Harmony Central user feedback.

May 9, 2006